Oak Ridge Archery Club Inc.


 The Oak Ridge Archery Club Inc. is an Indiana state registered non-profit organization.  The purpose of this club is to foster, expand and perpetuate the  pratice of archery  and the spirit of good fellowship among all archers; to encourage the use of the bow in hunting of all legal game and cooperate with the National Field Archery Association, the International Bowhunter Organization and the Indiana Bowhunters Association in securing better hunting privileges and conditions for all bow hunterts; to cooperate with all conservation organizations in the propagation and conservation of game; to maintain an outdoor 3-D game animal target course and an indoor target archery range and to conduct organized archery events, such as tournaments, on a regular basis.

Previous Update of our 2016 Riley Children's Hospital Benefit Event:

After all of our monetary donations were in and tallied, we did great!   Last year (2015) we raised $3260 for this one day event.  This year (2016) we raised $4791. A big thanks to everyone that helped to make our 2016 event such a great success! 

Beginner Archery Classes starting soon!  Be sure to sign up now.  More info at our Club News link.  Thanks.

Remember that our 27th annual Riley Children's Hospital Benefit Event will be held on August 20th of this year.  Please try to ask a few businesses to donate to this great cause.  Each year we try to raise more money than the year before and we really appreciate all the help we receive from various businesses and all the generous contributions of everyone in our community . Thank you for helping us put a smile on the faces or some very needing children and their families...It'll put a smile on your face too!   





*Please view our 'Club News'  link for current updates and more  detailed information on all of our upcoming events.  Thank You.

     Membership Dues

Archery is our passion

Oak Ridge Archery Club

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What we offer...

Annual dues are due each year by the end of March. Our fiscal year is from March to March.

Family memberships are $100

Single memberships are $75

Family memberships include spouses and all children living in the same household.

Single memberships are for one adult 18 yrs or older.

You can pay by bank or credit card safely and securely by going to our 'Memberhip' link and using our Paypal button.  Thank You.

The Oak Ridge Archery Club boasts one of the best archery  clubs in the state.  We have a beautiful 40 acre, 30 target outdoor wooded 3-D course and we also have a state of the art newly constructed 18 lane indoor archery range, complete with kitchen and dinning area and immaculate handicapped accessible bathrooms.

Our Mission Statement